Dave Demers for Park Board

Elect Dave DEMERS to Vancouver Park Board


On October 20 2018, Dave hopes to become one of the 7 Commissioners entrusted with developing the vision and policies for our park and recreational facilities. Election Day is approaching fast and Dave needs your support.

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Meet Dave

Born on a farm outside Québec City, Dave has always been precocious in his field. Founder and president of the local garden club at 15, he is now 38 years old with nearly 25 years of experience. He was trained as a horticulturist near Montréal and interned in private gardens and botanical institutions in New York, Seattle, and Cape Town. He has done professional plant exploration in a dozen countries and has had his writings published and his lectures heard, in French and English, for a variety of audiences.

Long established in Vancouver, Dave is the Principal of his own design-build-maintain landscape company, acts as a plant consultant for architectural firms; assists local artists in their process and has been instrumental in starting the not-for-profit Vancouver Landscape Collective. The depth and nuances of his career have informed an acute interest in the middle ground where nature and culture meet.

Fuelled by a fascination for the natural world and sustained by broad and varied experience in the field, Dave is committed to ‘provide, preserve and advocate to benefit people, communities and the environment’. This is, after all, what he has always been preparing for.


Serving with Purpose

As a Commissioner Dave will advocate for these key issues:

Accessibility + Proximity

Parks and Recreation installations should be distributed and developed fairly, and in close proximity to their constituents. If newer and larger ‘destination’ parks are the face of a City, smaller ‘pocket’ parks tucked deep in neighborhoods are its soul.


Preserving and increasing our green assets means:

  • Enforcing our Urban Forest Strategies and amending them in creative ways to regain/surpass historical canopy coverage, and to equilibrate coverage among neighbourhoods.
  • Developing a City-wide threshold ratio of replacement through which every surface unit of green space developed is matched elsewhere with 150% of permanent greening elsewhere.
  • Consulting on repurposing to greater usage of certain assets, among which is the Langara Golf course.


Improving our existing green spaces means:

  • Establishing horticultural standards that will ensure new parks are better planted, and current ones are gradually upgraded.
  • Promoting ‘open-ended’, natural playgrounds.
  • Continuing the diversification of taxa within our Urban Forest Strategy and fostering better planting standards.
  • Working on general connectivity between green spaces to facilitate movement of wildlife within our City.
  • Financing and implementing projects for the restoration of shoreline habitats and the daylighting of creeks and streams.

  • Creating a pilot project to reduce noise and carbon emissions of Park Board maintenance activities by gradually renewing most gas-powered equipment and vehicles into hybrid or battery equivalent.


Better collaboration between the various agencies and elected officials will allow for an ease the implementation of structural changes in water management, street tree planting, cycling paths, park design, and overall funding of infrastructure projects.


Donate today

The success of Dave’s campaign relies on your support. Every dollar donated will be directly invested in signs and flyers, videos and buttons. Even the smallest amount is a step towards his campaign goal. 

Contribution rules:
- Union and corporate contributions are prohibited.
- Only Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents residing in BC can donate.
- An individual can donate a maximum $1200 total per year to an elector
organization (e.g. Green Party of Vancouver).
- Any donation of $100 and over must be disclosed and reported by Elections BC.

For more details about donations to City Council and School Board campaigns, please visit: https://www.vangreens.ca/donate

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2018 Green Party Candidates

As candidate to Park Board, Dave is joined by incumbent Stuart Mackinnon and first-timer Camil Dumont. It is a slate of 10 candidates - 4 incumbents and 4 under 40 - that the Green Party of Vancouver vangreens.ca is presenting for this Fall’s elections.